Growth starts with human connections

Anagram brings clarity to complex consumer behavior to drive growth for your brand. We combine data, media, and technology to build full funnel strategies in a rapidly changing market.

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Our philosophy

We believe that human connection is the key to growth. So we uncover the why behind every buy to drive augmented growth for brands of all sizes. When brands connect, they excel.

Align on goals

We work with you to identify the priorities and biggest opportunities for your brand so you feel confident that your success is our success. We establish KPIs and a cadence of communication up front to ensure operational excellence.

Develop a strategy

Through research, audience modeling, and connections planning, we turn deep human understanding into evidence-based marketing strategies that create emotional and rational magic between humans and brands.

Scale your media plan

We use every media touchpoint as an opportunity to build a positive brand experience and encourage engagement in sales channels. Our repeatable process ensures the media and the message inspire uncommonly human connections. We never stop learning. We never stop optimizing.

Drive impactful outcomes

We measure real-time performance while optimizing for the future. Our measurement approach is seated upfront to link media outcomes to business growth. By pairing media and analytics teams with our in-house technology, we make campaign performance transparent and provide strategic guidance to augment growth in a sustainable way.
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Our Work

We work with: