The swimwear brand is a challenger brand in the women’s DTC apparel category, seeking to raise awareness while still hitting firm customer acquisition targets. In a category with rising competition, the swimwear brand is committed to better understanding its customers to find and convert more consumers like them into loyal customers.


The swimwear brands’ goal was to build brand awareness and drive online sales during their peak sales season – May – August.



Anagram tapped into the swimwear brand’s existing CRM data and leveraged our in-house data intelligence tools to develop an audience model of the highest-value customer targets. To reach the swimwear brand’s aggressive acquisition and ROAS goals, we applied key insights from first-party customer data and second and third party audience analysis data to a digital media buy that spanned programmatic display and video inventory. To optimize performance, we took a test and learn approach to a variety of targeting tactics including retargeting, geo-targeted prospecting, contextual, and behavioral targeting.

Top Performing Tactics

  • Geo-Targeted Prospecting – We needed to make every dollar count in our programmatic media investments. To efficiently reach Andie’s target we focused efforts on the geographic locations with the highest intent audiences which included CA, NY, TX, FL, and MA.
  • Content and Behavioral Targeting – We layered on content and behavioral targeting across display and video ad placements. Content targeting was geared towards fashion and women’s lifestyle sites and behavioral targeting was geared towards audience members who were in-market for swimwear, in-market travelers, and swimming enthusiasts and hobbyists. YouTube proved to be the most influential in customer path to conversion contributing to 4k+ sales.
  • Retargeting – We wanted to re-engage loyal customers, site visitors, and shopping cart abandoners, so we used highly targeted video and display ads. Retargeting accounted for 72% of sales driven by the campaign.



The result was a 3:1 ROAS and $245,209K in sales. All in four months.


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