First launched in 2008, PopCorners is a better-for- you snack brand that develops and markets a line of non-GMO, made from the highest quality clean and simple ingredients, and then air-popped to make a wholesome, tasty, crunchy chip . The brand is available through its online store, Amazon Marketplace, and in stores across the US, including Costco, Sam’s Club, and Whole Foods.



PopCorners wanted to raise awareness and purchase intent for PopCorners products, most specifically, the Flex and Flourish products.

  • Increase brand awareness and consideration of new products among US snack shoppers.
  • Increase purchase intent of products.
  • Exceed a .07% CTR benchmark.



PopCorners partnered with Anagram to plan and execute a social campaign on Facebook to raise awareness of the snack brand among health conscious consumers in the US. Anagram’s team formed a strategy that was geo targeted to align with creative that promoted new PopCorners Flex and PopCorners Flourish products at specific grocers. In addition, Anagram funneled traffic to product-specific landing pages and to the “where to buy” location finder.

Ads were targeted to audiences that consisted of US adults aged 18 and over who were health conscious, healthy snack buyers, and healthy beverage buyers. Ads were placed in the Facebook New Feed, Instagram Feed, and Instagram Stories.

Throughout the campaign, audience targeting and ad placements were optimized to shift budget to reaching the most responsive audiences across the highest performing ad placements.




The campaign exceeded its goals, hitting a CTR that was 7X the previous benchmark.

  • Link Clicks Overall 0.49%
  • Link Clicks Product/Brand Targeted 0.47%
  • Link Clicks Retail Targeted 0.53%

In addition, sales increased in the US in 2019 40%. While social media can’t take all the credit, it contributed to making PopCorners one of the fastest growing better for you snack brands in 2019.


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