Firefly Health, a telehealth company, aims to improve the United States healthcare system. By breaking down barriers between primary, behavioral, and specialty care, Firefly has created an affordable and innovative virtual alternative to traditional healthcare. With the onset of COVID-19 and the subsequent rapid adoption of telehealth solutions, Firefly was an early entrant in a now booming space.



As demand for telehealth services increased, Firefly set out to drive adoption of its services with a full-funnel marketing approach. To ensure they made the most of their campaign efforts and thoroughly quantified success, Firefly identified specific KPIs for each stage of the marketing funnel:

Top of funnel: Increase website traffic
Middle of funnel: Drive app downloads
Bottom of funnel: Increase customer acquisition and achieve a $250 CPA

Furthermore, Firefly enlisted Anagram to build a robust performance dashboard enabling campaign reporting, providing Firefly with insight into overall campaign and by-channel performance.



Firefly partnered with Anagram to execute both search and programmatic campaigns. Firefly leveraged native and display ad placements to increase website traffic, drive app downloads, and secure new customers.

Equipped with a new reporting dashboard, Firefly could track and, subsequently, better analyze campaign engagement and performance. These insights helped the business improve its understanding of its customers and how to reach and engage them more efficiently. The new dashboard gave Firefly the campaign intelligence needed to fine-tune its approach across channels and tactics to drive the most efficient CPA.



By partnering with Anagram, Firefly increased website traffic by 91% in the first six months of 2021 compared to the last six months of 2020. Moreover, Firefly exceeded its ambitious CPA goal by achieving a $248 CPA.


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