We work to evolve how humans and brands connect.

Anagram is a full-service media agency that’s evolving how humans and brands connect to augment growth for all. It’s our how and why and it’s rooted in the belief that true growth can only be achieved with humans at the core.

We use the power of smart teams and technology to help brands navigate today’s fragmented and fast-changing media world. Anagram specializes in strategy and connections planning, media services, and measurement.

We are proud to be part of ISPD, a global portfolio of companies rooted in cognitive science and powered by a unified operating system.

Anagram is a sister company to Digilant, a platform-agnostic trading desk that offers complementary services to Anagram. With Digilant and ISPD, Anagram is equipped with an agile way of working and shared access to proprietary data intelligence tools, exclusive partnerships, and more to evolve how humans and brands connect and augment growth for all.

A woman stands and looks at a view of the city.


Headshot of Raquel Rosenthal: CEO.


Raquel Rosenthal

Headshot of Donny Aguilar: Director, LatAm.

Director, LatAm

Donny Aguilar

Headshot of Colin Brown: COO.


Colin Brown

Headshot of Stephanie Kane: SVP, People Ops.

SVP, People Ops

Stephanie Kane

Headshot of Sandra Abi-Rashed: VP, Client Services.

VP, Client Services

Sandra Abi-Rashed


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