The snack brand has provided people across the globe with a crunchy and flavorful tortilla chip snack. To recognize its expansive and colorful community, the brand set out to celebrate the LGBTQ+ people of Mexico by launching a limited-edition flavor with custom packaging inspired by the Pride flag.



The snack brand wanted to raise awareness of its support of the LGBTQ+ community and its stance on inclusion. To do so, the brand would launch an ad campaign driving target audiences to a landing page with more information on its Pride Month activations throughout Mexico.



To ensure the brand reached the right audiences with its awareness campaign, they partnered with Anagram to map its customer journey and conduct a thorough audience analysis. The analysis revealed that consumers aged 18 to 25, who mainly consume digital media (video, social, mobile) and have an affinity for the arts, food, and adventure sports, were the target audience for Doritos’ campaign.

Equipped with this intelligence, Anagram executed an omnichannel campaign targeting Mexico’s four major cities from May through July. With the campaign’s objective set to drive brand awareness, Doritos measured audience reach and landing page visits to quantify campaign success.



The campaign was a major success for the snack brand. After running the campaign for three months, the brand reached more than 35.5 million consumers. By identifying the brand’s ideal target audience prior to launching the campaign, we garnered more than 9% engagement, a 4x increase from the brand’s previous benchmark.


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