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By Alan Barrish
June 1, 2023

Finding New Best Practices: How to Adapt to Google’s Deprecation of Expanded Text Ads

Last summer, Google discontinued support for expanded text ads (ETAs). This move marked a major transition for many marketers—one that essentially forces paid search experts to transition their search text ads to the responsive search ads (RSAs) template. While there are benefits to this transition, we’ve been seeing marketers struggle with ad performance following the […]

By Jordan Galbraith
May 30, 2023

The New Retail Media Reality: How to Leverage Amazon’s Power

For any given brand, major online retailers and their growing retail media networks might be viewed as a boon or a bane, depending on a company’s market position and business model. But in most cases, it’s something in between, hovering right around “frenemy” territory. That’s because these retailers and their networks—industry mega-titans like Amazon and […]

By The Anagram Team
May 1, 2023

Behind the Binge: Why We Scroll Social Media Excessively

By Seinn Schlidt
April 20, 2023

Generational Buying Behaviors: What Marketers Need to Know About the Content-Commerce Spectrum

By The Anagram Team
March 30, 2023

Behind the Binge: What Motivates Americans’ Excessive TV Watching and Streaming?

By Keith Born
March 13, 2023

Breaking Down Performance Max: How Google’s New Advertising Tool Can Drive Awareness and Acquisition