Growth starts
with human

Anagram brings clarity to complex consumer behaviour to drive growth for your brand. We are a full service media agency that combines data, media, and machine learning to build end-to-end marketing strategies in a rapidly changing environment.

How this works

How we do it

We develop business growth strategies by helping you understand the why behind every buy. By leveraging audience models, media planning, and execution we deliver impactful marketing solutions across all touchpoints. They are refined with analytics & measurement to multiply your success.

Strategy & Planning

Strategy & Planning

Through research, audience modelling, and connections planning, we turn deep human understanding into evidence-based marketing strategies that create emotional and rational magic between humans and brands.

  1. Connections Planning
  2. Brand Consulting
  3. Customer Journey Mapping
  4. Agile Research
  5. Innovation Strategy

Media & Performance

Data & Analytics

A team of big agency people
working in a boutique environment.

We have the curiosity to ask questions, the agility to assemble the best team and technology for your business, and the skin in the game to take action and analyze.

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How we do it

Look beyond what you know already.

The future belongs to those who see through the mist of patterns of human behavior. We offer you a front row view to help make better decisions in this ever changing market & society, faster.


Changing the growth trajectory of your brand begins with humans. Understanding how people make decisions in your category, matched with their buying behavior patterns, is core to our approach. We call it Uncommonly Human.


Guided by cognitive marketing research, our team uncovers strategic insights about how humans make decisions. Refined and optimized media plans allow us to constantly improve. We test and measure to verify our impact on building connections.


We use best-in-class technology from across the industry, and our proprietary end-to-end operating system makes it easy for teams to collaborate and focus on optimization. All data is hosted on one platform that makes tech more human.

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