Backed by ISPD and Digilant; Anagram Tailors the Powerful Resources of a Holding Company to Meet the Goals of Growing Middle Market Brands

NEW YORK, Oct. 13, 2022 — Anagram, a new independent advertising agency, today announced its official launch during Advertising Week in New York. The latest addition to the ISPD group of companies, Anagram is a purpose-built media agency dedicated to helping brands of any scale navigate the new omnichannel consumer experience to create uncommonly human connections that drive augmented business growth.

“The last two years have resulted in a massive shift in how consumers interact with brands. Media consumption is now omnichannel, and brand experiences, once considered cutting-edge, are now table stakes for consumers. Brands that make a deep human connection across all channels are gaining critical market share,” said Kristen Abramo, Managing Director at Anagram. “Our goal with Anagram is to help brands evolve in the way that they connect with consumers by combining evidence-based data with a deeply human understanding of how people make buying decisions.”

Built for a new marketing era, Anagram’s cognitive science approach to marketing is designed to uncover how humans make decisions and quickly identify actionable insights on purchase drivers and high-opportunity media touchpoints. Anagram’s approach pairs first and third-party data with the full power of ISPD’s proprietary data and technology assets to execute media in all channels and at all parts of the funnel. Empowered by the expertise and resources from ISPD and sister company Digilant, Anagram has tailored complex technology into cost-effective solutions that meet the needs of every client, from strategy to research, activation, measurement, and insights.

“The future of marketing is not just about reaching consumers; it’s about connecting with humans. Not all brands have the resources to build a modern advertising and marketing strategy, nor do they have the resources to build the technology stack required to make marketing that truly connects with humans possible. Anagram democratizes the expertise, knowledge, and access to the exclusive data and technology that brands have historically only expected from large holding groups,” said Raquel Rosenthal, CEO at Digilant. “Our clients set their focus on growth, they look to make the most out of every investment. To ensure that, to build connections and drive bottom line performance, just as global brands do, we give them access to the best industry experts and proprietary technology available.”

“The constant discovery and adoption of technology has transformed the way we all live, interact, and consume. Consumers, as citizens, lead the way, and in response, brands are pushed into a constant state of adaptation. There is an urgent need to deeply understand consumer power and demands to create opportunities for brands. Anagram’s approach puts people at the core of marketing to inform media strategies that help brands to be relevant and competent and generate value in a changing landscape. We’re excited to bring Anagram together with ISPD’s suite of brands.” Fernando Rodés, ISPD Executive Chairman.

About ISPD
ISPD is a cognitive marketing group redefining how people and brands relate. We blend cognitive science and creativity to provide our customers with end-to-end capabilities across our network of agencies. Our 500+ multidisciplinary experts from research, data science, strategic planning, creative storytelling, shopper marketing, gaming, media, technology solutions, and consulting deliver breakthrough results for our clients. Visit us at to learn more.

About Anagram
Anagram is a full-service media agency evolving how humans and brands connect to augment growth. We mix human understanding with evidence-based marketing to help brands navigate today’s fragmented media world. Part of ISPD, Anagram specializes in strategy, connections planning, media services, and measurement. Find Anagram online at

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